VR (Virtual Reality) for the architectural and interior design markets is exploding. Demand for interactive 3D panoramic walk-through tours is stronger than ever, and the demand is coming from both developers and the buying public. With VR devices such as the Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (and more in development) being highly affordable to the mass-market, VR is now a fully feasible and highly-desirable tool for developers, architects and interior designers to communicate and sell their designs to potential buyers (or simply to show off their work in the best possible light).

VR is all about experience. Our Panoramic 3D tours are viewable on standard laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers, but allowing potential buyers to walk around the property in the comfort of a sales suite offers them a dynamic experience that really helps to sell the atmosphere of a space. VR units are comfortable, accessible to all (including those with glasses) and extremely simple to use.

As part of our VR package, our team will train your sales suite staff to be able to quickly and confidently roll out VR across their suites, giving them the ability to offer the experience to potential buyers. For the buyer who would prefer not to use the VR goggles, the standard iPad/laptop/in-situ display solution is always available, and still highly effective as a sales tool.

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